You want to spend many years of love and fun with your four-legged companions.

We can help with our nutritious, fresh and savoury real pet food.
Whole ingredients, Gently cooked, Highly digestible nutrients

You are what you eat. So is your beloved pet.

What Pet Parents Say?

"The kids absolutely love the treats"

"I was hesitant to try this since my cat is picky with her wet food. She's been eating it happily though since I first let her try it. She's now at a healthy weight and has more energy for play."

"I just fed the Wild Whiting & Shittake Mushroom Recipe and my dog absolutely loved it! He loves all of your foods that I've gotten so far (4 different ones), but this one he kept licking the plate and licking and licking well after he was done eating it. So funny. I love seeing my dog enjoy his food."

"The food is wonderful with nice and nature ingredients in it."

"It's so easy to thaw and feed. I love your packaging and portion sizes. My dog needs medication daily and it's hard to hide it in food, but I can put it in your meals and he will still eat them. It feels good to see him enjoy his food so much."

"I love the small portions. [for small dogs] That is hard to find"




Gently Cooked with Love

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