Cats' Sleeping Positions & Their Feelings

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping in different positions.

As with all animal behaviours, there is consensus on what certain sleeping positions convey, while some positions have enjoyed less agreement among cat experts. So here we go:

Like a Ball

The most common position. Curling into a ball conserve heat.  Curling up also make them look smaller for predators.  Although your cat may be sleeping with teddy bears, this position is auto-programmed into cats. 

Cat curled up sleeping in a box with teddy bear 

Gymnastic Position

Hmm, the cat experts doesn't have an answer

 cat sleeping contortedly

Eyes Half Closed 

Napping position. Your cat can wake up quickly if there is sudden movement in your house  

Cats sleeping eyes half shut


Side Sleeper

A vulnerable position for cats in the wild; which means your cat feels comfortable in your home.  You may think the cat is having a deep sleep but some experts say this is a napping position. 


Cats sleeping on the side


Paws covering the eyes

Do NOT Disturb


Cats sleeping with paws covering eyes


Bread Loaf Position

Paws tucked in, Sitting up, and eyes closed
A napping position, your cat is still keeping a watchful eye on the kingdom


Cats in bread loaf position


Sleeping perched on high places

If your cat sleeps perched high, on a railing, the couch or some long thin surfaces, they are napping while keeping a watchful eye over their realms.


Cats sleeping perched on sofa


Superman Position

Your cat is extremely relaxed in a deep sleep


Cats sleeping in a superman position


Cats Sleeping Together

Bonded cats. Cats often sleep in more exposed positions when sleeping together


2 cats sleeping together


Belly Up

Congratulations! Your cat completely trusts you


Cats sleeping belly up


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