Dog Dry Eyes

Dry eyes often develop gradually with symptoms worsening over time. It usually affects both eyes (one eye is often affected first or more severely)

5%of the dogs will develop dry eyes but for some breeds, this figure doubles.
Tear glands are very important for the eyes. Tears provide oxygen, nutrition, lubrication and part of the immune system to the corneal surface. The cornea is often most severely affected by dry eye.

Dry eye can be an extremely painful condition. Observe their behaviours since dogs are excel at hiding pain.  If let it progress without treatment, it can lead to conjunctivitis, eye ulcers; permanent scarring, or even loss of an eye. 

Symptoms of Dog Dry Eyes

 Other signs include Rubbing eyes, Trying to keep eyes closed, Prominent blood vessels or Dark pigments on the eyes' surfaces, repeat conjunctivitis and eye infections


Dog Breeds Predisposed to Dry Eyes

Other breeds prone to dry eyes : West Highland White Terrier, Pekingese, Pug, Lhasa Apso.and and Shih-tzu


Causes of dry eyes in dog


If your dog has a history of eye irritation and(or conjunctivitis) and at-risk or is a high-risk breed, make sure to get the eyes screened by your vets


 Source: NPUST Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

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