Dogs synchronize with Kids..more than with grown-ups

There are a lot of anecdotes about the special bonds between kids and dogs.  A recent study from the Oregon State University found dogs do synchronize their behavior more with kids in the family. The research focused on how dogs perceive and socially engage with children.

"They are responsive to them and, in many cases, behaving in synchrony with them, indicators of positive affiliation and a foundation for building strong bonds.

"One interesting thing we have observed is that dogs are matching their child's behavior less frequently than what we have seen between dogs and adult caretakers, which suggests that while they may view children as social companions, there are also some differences that we need to understand better."

While research has found dogs can have a lot of positive impacts on a child's life, there are also risks associated with the dog-child relationship, the researchers said. For example, other studies have found dogs are more apt to bite children versus adults.

This research also suggests that with appropriate guidance, important and positive learning experiences for kids and dogs can start at much earlier age.


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