Likelihood of Periodontitis (gum disease) by dog breeds (Part II: dogs 15kg and + )

Periodontitis (gum diseases) is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue. Left untreated, it can destroy the bone that supports your teeth; leading to tooth loss 

Periodontitis is extremely common.  All dogs can develop gum disease but some breeds are more susceptible to it. 

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Average Risk of Developing Gum Disease by Dog Breeds - Part II (>15kg)

Dog Breeds
Average risk level (%)*
Akita 11.40%
Australian shepherd 14.30%
Basset hounds 25.30%
Bernese mountain dog 15.50%
Bloodhound 9.30%
Border collie 15.40%
Boxer 9.00%
Bulldog (American) 6.10%
Bulldog (English) 7.30%
Bullmastiff 7.00%
Cane corso 4.00%
Doberman 10.10%
German shepard 8.10%
Golden retriever 13.80%
Great dane 10.50%
Great pyrenees 11.40%
Greyhound 38.70%
Husky (American) 10.00%
Labrador retriever 12.60%
Newfoundland 8.80%
Saint bernard 7.80%
Staffordshire terrier (American) 8.90%
Standard poodle 16.90%

 *Percentages of dogs over a 5-year study period that had gum disease 

Source: Waltham

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