What does the shape of your cat's paw pad tell us about feline personality?

Have fun!!
Look at your cat's metacarpal pad 

Type A - Heart shape at the top

Loves to snuggle
Friendly Ambassador of the feline world
Open and cheerful, they like head petting and play .

Type A Cat Personality

Type B - Round shape at the top

Adventurous and Social
Perfect for multi-cat family
Readily accepts new cat into the family   


Type C - Slightly flat at the top

Dignified and Calm
Enjoy slow life, Loves quiet time 
Cat parents need to pay more attention to any behaviour changes.  These changes may indicate  health issues

Type D: Slight flat at the top, the 2 sides are less distinct 

Aloof, Watching from afar
Tolerate only humans they deemed worthy
Cat parents may want to provide more hiding places for them


 Type E: Triangular shaped metacarpal pad 

Very very rare
Authoritative, Possessive
"Street fighter"
Cat parents may want to prepare their own bowls, litter box, cat trees, and beds




source: ねこてそ (book by Akatsuki, a mysterious cat-loving fortune teller in Japan) 

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