Predisposition to Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer)

Osteosarcoma is an aggressive and painful bone cancer.  The most common specific locations were (i) head / skull,  (ii) femur (thigh bone' in the hind leg, the biggest bone in a dog) and (iii) humerus (end of the bone at the top of the front leg )  

Osteosarcoma can affect any dog breed.  A recent study in the UK looks at breed predisposition. If your pup is a high-risk breed, be especially alert for signs of lameness and painful boney swelling. 

Rottweiler has the highest risk at 13.3 times of a crossbred pup.  Rhodesian Ridgebacks come next at 11.31 times of a crossbred pup.   Cavalier King Spaniel has the lowest odds at just 0.2 times of a crossbred pup. French bulldog also has low risk at 0.3 times.


Breed Odd Ratio of Osteosarcoma
Rottweiler 13.30
Rhodesian Ridgeback 11.31
Great Dane 10.03
Mastiff 9.09
German Pointer 8.84
Pinscher 7.19
Greyhound 6.98
Lurcher 4.94
Collie 3.74
Golden Retriever 3.70
Akita 2.92
American Bulldog 2.67
Labrador Retriever 2.64
Boxer 2.23
Standard Poodle 2.23
Weimaraner 2.03
German Shepherd Dog 1.96
Dogue de Bordeaux 1.95
Fox Terrier 1.75
Labradoodle 1.62
Hungarian Vizsla 1.52
Scottish Terrier 1.33
Cairn Terrier 1.24
Alaskan Malamute 1.23
Tibetan Terrier 1.22
Bulldog 1.17
Whippet 1.10
Dalmatian 1.00
English Springer Spaniel 0.89
Border Collie 0.82
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 0.74
Beagle 0.66
Cocker Spaniel 0.51
West Highland White Terrier 0.5
Husky 0.43
Jack Russell Terrier 0.38
Border Terrier 0.35
Bichon Frise 0.30
French Bulldog 0.30
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 0.21


Source: Edmunds et al. (2021) “Dog breeds and body conformations with predisposition to osteosarcoma in the UK: a case-control study” 

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