What is your cat most afraid of?

Cats are mysterious. There are many things cats do not like.  But every cat is an individual with own temperament. Some cats are so very laid-back while some cats are more easily stressed by external triggers. 

We asked our clients what their cats are afraid of.  Here's what they say. Does your kitty share any of them?  

Cat Parent # Scary Things according to Cats
1 Man but not woman
2 My pet tortoise
3 Only my big dog.  She is fine with the small dog 
4 Vacuum
5 Needle, My hand after syringe feeding him, wiping his bottom
6 Door bell, Stranger
7 Me (wanna cry)
8 Drilling sound
9 Water dribbles, vacuum
10 Durian
11 Another cat in the mirror 
12 My kid
13 Bath time, nail trimming
14 Me working from home
15 Hair dryer, vacuum
16 Cucumber
17 Stranger, door bell
18 Bouncy ball under the fridge
19 Cuddling, vacuum
20 Changing cat litter in litter box
21 Afraid of everything, except me
22 No food, vacuum
23 Compact umbrella 
24 my kisses, or trying to kiss her 
25 Plastic bag ruffling, Bath, Nail cutting, Stranger, Cat carrier
26 Vacuum, Dinner is late
27 Going outside
28 Not responding to his meows
29 Bath, No food in his bowl
30 Magnifying glass
31 Medication, eye drops
32 Vacuum
33 Dyson hair dryer
34 Brushing,  Vacuum
35 Missing a meal
36 Styrofoam boxes
37 Cat carrier
38 Car ride (panic panting)


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