We sell gently cooked dog food.

Commitment to Quality Ingredients. 

Ingredients are more important than brands. Dogs age in dog years. They feel the lifestyle choices we made for them a lot faster. Most pets do great on fresh whole-food ingredients.  All ingredients are human-grade. Our food is named source - you will not find any names you cannot pronounce. No additives/No presevatives Unlike kibbles, no synthetics added beacuse the high heat pressure destroys the origianl nutrients endowment.

Premium Meat.

Elk and Wild boar is the first ingredient and the major protein source. We chose game meat because they are not factory farmed and not fed anti-biotics. They are more healthy. Like us, they are what they eat.  We use as many organic ingredients as we can and if not possible, we avoid those vegetables and fruits with the most pesticide residue.


We tailor cooking methods to different nutrients. We also gently cook to bring out the aroma and taste (if you have a picky eater), espeically when you slighly warm up their meals We are environmentally consious. Our eco-friendly meal trays can go directly from freezer to microwave. We believe eating a variety of ingredients are good - which is why we keep the same price for our recipies.

Health First.

Many illnesses associated with mature dogs are preventable with good lifestyle choices. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Good nutrition is imperative to good health.  And often the right food help treats many common dog maladies such as allergies.