We are the type who stop to pet every dog we see

Currently, we are living with 2 senior pups. 

Ben came to us almost 11 years ago shortly after his career change.  A year later, Ross, a corgi mix, joined him from the States.  They are quite the opposites. Ben is a very zen pug, very calm, very patient. You never have to worry about him getting into mischief. Ross, being the opposite... . He is undeniably an extrovert. He insists on meeting every dog he sees on his walks, always jubilant when he visits new places.  At home, never does he miss any actions, running in and out of the yard, barking at squirrels, always the first one at the door.



We also foster senior or palliative cats for a local animal rescue.  We want to give a loving home for these special ones to live out their lives. 

Going back in time..

Stomp was our very first girl. She was small but her pawprint in our hearts are huge.  She has so greatly enriched our lives.  She planted the very seed for us years ago. 

In the beginning, like most first time parents, we fed kibbles.  We spent many hours comparing brands, flavours, and following health trends.  Then one day something was not right.  Our vet said our first rescue would require lifelong medication.

After her situation has stabilized, we consulted with the vet about side effects.  All meds may have side effects; prolonged use may do more harm than good and can mask a larger problem.

Our girl was on a prescription diet at that time.  We decided to transition her to a human-grade whole food diet, hoping lifestyle change would alleviate her reliance on medication.  After about 6 months, working together with the vet, we began reducing her dosage while keeping a vigilant eye on her, till the vet gave her an all clear. Under the new food, she became more energetic, coats grew shiner and she never went back to her meds. 

Why do we embark on our venture? 

We are passionate about our pets. They light us up inside; their love for us, their faith and trust in us.  Over the years, we saw firsthand the power of digestible and absorbable nutritious wholesome food; especially when the dogs grow into their golden years. 

Many pet parents share with us their desire to move their dogs to a whole ingredient diet.  They also share with us what is stopping them - lack of time, price tag and convenience of pouring kibbles and opening canned food.

 We are pursuing our passion.  We want to introduce these benefits and make them more accessible to your cherished dogs. 

We want our pets to live a long healthy life.  We believe you are the same.  


We use the most appropriate cooking method for each ingredient.