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The smallest feline is a masterpiece


Unlike dogs, cats are obligate (True) carnivores. Obligate carnivores are animals that subsist on a diet consisting only of meat. Cats evolved to meet their nutritional needs by consuming other animals and have a higher protein requirement than many other mammals. 

Their ideal diet is animal-based protein and fats. Some cats munch on grass or other plants, but these are mostly digestive aids. Cats get certain key nutrients from meat such as taurine, arachidonic acid, vitamin A and vitamin B12. Without a steady supply, they can suffer from liver and heart problems, hearing loss and skin irritation. Plant-based foods cannot sufficiently provide these essential nutrients.

Our Benefits

  • 85% human-grade animal protein and hormone-free beef organ meats
  • 75% to 80% Moisture  - Adequate hydration prevents urinary tract and kidney-related illness
  • Organic bone broth - Calcium and collagen help maintain bones and joints 
  • Low carbohydrates -  A healthy weight help prevent diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol 
  • No preservatives, No thickeners or other additives - Healthy
  • Human grade, free-range, no antibiotics, no hormones - Whole food ingredients  
  • Close to the natural diet which cats are evolved to digest - Efficient nutrient absorption by the body
  • Wild fish oil helps keep the coat and fur shiny and smooth
  • A robust vibrant cat means fewer visits to the vet 
  • Longer healthier life equals more happy time together