Our dog food is gently cooked.   We minimize cooking time and tell you how each ingredient is cooked.


 Why Gently Cook?

Controlling contamination is a challenge when cooking is not used

Cooked food is safer, especially if your dog is very young, a senior, pregnant mom or has compromised immunity or underlying health issues.  If your household has young kids, seniors, or family members with weakened immunity, cooked pet food cut cross contamination risks. 

Your dog’s body must recognize the nutrients 

The best ingredients are of no use if the nutrients are all cooked out of the ingredients or so seriously altered that your dog’s body does not recognize them

Kibbles is a highly processed food. The ingredients repeatedly undergo very high heat and pressure. All natural nutrients are cooked out.  All authentic flavors are destroyed.

Synthetic nutrients must be added. Your dog’s body does not necessarily recognize these synthetics. Despite almost identical chemical structures, the synthetic production process is very different from how plants and animals create the natural nutrients. Moreover, we often do not know where the synthetic nutrients are made.

  • Preservatives, stabilisers and gelling agents are required to extend shelf life
  • Artificial palatability enhancers are added because there is no more original flavours
  • Artificial coloring is also added. Kibbles are often grey when first rolled off the machine. No one would want to feed their dog grey-coloured food.

Our Cooking Methods

No, we don't put all ingredients in one cooking pot.  Each ingredient has its own unique nutrient profile; requiring different cooking methods.  We use ingredient-appropriate cooking methods to keep the nutrients in for your pets; such as pan-broiling, steaming, roasting, and stewing. We spent a lot of time sourcing the best ingredients, there is no way we destroy the good stuff inside by using an inappropriate method.