Animal Welfare 

We care about the treatment of farm animals. We abhor the systemic sufferings caused by factory farms, where they are crammed into tight spaces their whole lives, causing them extreme stress.  Distressed animals release toxin which accumulates in their bodies.  Also, their feeds are formulated to speed up growth at the expense of the animals’ natural health. 

Animal protein is the first ingredient in dog food. In a way, your dog is eating the impurities left behind in the muscles, organs and bones of the factory farm animals. The cheaper price of factory farm meat comes at a heavy cost to farm animals, the environment, food quality and safety.  

Game Animals in Ontario

It is illegal to sell wild game meat in Ontario.  All game meat sold in the province comes from animals raised in farms.  We source from elk and wild boar farms in Ontario and Quebec.  


Eco-friendly Packaging

Our trays are environmentally friendly and are made from 90% or greater renewable and sustainable material and 10% PET.  Our tray supplier sourced only from companies certified by both the Sustainable Forestry Institute and the Forest Stewardship Council.  The trays are also certified by both FDA and CDCA. The films sealing the trays are also eco-friendly. They are made with up to 65 percent post-industrial and post-consumer recycling content.