"Chocolati" for Dogs
"Chocolati" for Dogs
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"Chocolati" for Dogs

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Our Artisan "Chocolati" has the finest ingredients - Satisfying in taste and nutrition.  Unlike most baked treats in the market, gluten-free flour takes a very back seat and there are no leavening agents.   

These dog treats are baked at low temperatures.  There is no high heat to destroy the nutrients in the carefully selected ingredients.   

Why your dog will love it?
Superior flavour and texture 

Why you'll love our "Chocolati"?
Your pup loves them
Carefully crafted
Nutritional value from the finest ingredients
No useless ingredients 
No preservatives, additives and colouring 

Purple Sweet Potatoes
Antibiotic-free Chicken
Organic Oatmeal
Pure Hawaiian Spirulina
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sorghum Flour (Gluten-free) 

Size: 250 gram / 9oz
Storage:  Best store in the fridge


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