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Dog Meal & Broth Trial Pack. 100% human grade whole food ingredients.  Make your own trial pack and we ship to you free

Dog Meal & Broth Trial Pack

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Browse our "For dogs" and "Broth for cats and dogs" product collections and pick any 2 you like.

Select your 2 choices from our drop-down menu.  Use the code "DOGSAMPLE" for free shipping. One-time use only.  Same volume/weight and packaging as our regular meals and broths.

You can add any treats or topper to your Trial Pack order 

Let your dog try us out!!  Our menu provides delicious and nutritious meals and broths for your dog. 

All Natural, No Additives, 100% human-grade ingredients.  

Convenient too - The food bowls are dual-ovenable -  Just pop it from the freezer into the microwave; or the oven if your pet prefers crunchy texture. Most doggy food connoisseurs love the more aromatic warmed-up food

Currently, we only ship frozen food within Ontario.